74% of the internet users in Hungary watch videos on YouTube regularly. YouTube is used by 4 million people per month and every third user has already subscribed to at least one channel. YouTube is the new, effective and creative platform of digital advertisement.

It’s simple!
Direct targeting

Unique advertisements

Precise results

Audience growth

Cost efficiency

Advertising on YouTube
You want to start a one-time campaign? YouTube has many advantages because of which it is worth a shot:
• Precise targeting possibilities
Your display ads will reach those who you want to reach. You can optimize your ads according to gender, age, interest and you can even place ads on different content on YouTube.
• Cost efficiency
Did you know that one of the cheapest online advertising platforms is YouTube? You can reach a potential buyer with only spending a few cents!

Creating your own channel

YouTube is a necessary tool for a long term brand management. One of the most important factors in the future market of advertisement is to create and manage online videos. With the help of these videos, loyal buyers can be reached. As a partner of Google, we have expertise in connection of how to start a new brand or video on YouTube. Those of you who is starting to build its presence on this platform is way ahead of the market trend, thus can earn more revenue and build a bigger brand awareness.


Increasing conversion

We can place direct links on your YouTube channel that will generate direct traffic for your company’s web page, web shop or social media platform. Plus, by creating remarketing lists, we can achieve better results concerning online sales.


Network promotion and cooperation in order to increase popularity

We provide promotional possibilities on more than 50 channels in order to increase brand awareness. Creating playlists, working directly with the content owners and managing this cooperation belong to these possibilities, for example.


Creating and managing a channel (for brands)

We create the company’s image and a YouTube channel fitting into their communication strategy; taking comprehensive management to achieve the best results. We guarantee the increase of the subscribers and views, and the effective conversion to the company’s other online platform, by connecting the business page and YouTube channel.


Planning and creating YouTube campaigns

We plan and create management strategies with the guarantee of fix results. We prepare the message, the videos and the campaign plans to reach the target audience.


The king of the search engines! – Optimizing the YouTube channel

Being a certified partner of Google, we have some possibilities on YouTube that a single user does not have. Thus, our SEO experts can achieve outstanding search results. To be on the first page of the search engines is now and will be an indispensable factor for companies who would like to sale successfully.



The results of our work can be achieved any time. We provide access to Google Analytics and create reports.


We try to focus on content for children, which is educative and entertaining. In addition we add some more videos about what we like: outstanding classic- world- and folk music, healthy lifestyle and the tasty recipes of the world of gastronomy.