Do you have good quality videos on your channel? Are your videos popular?

Do you want to see your videos on the first page of the YouTube search?

Do you want to make your videos even more professional and popular?

Do you wish to earn money through your vides while being part of a well-functioning network?


As one of the biggest YouTube multi channel network in Hungary, we provide professional and comprehensive operating services for our partners.


We make your content visible!

We help you to create your own content management strategy of your channel by providing you the necessary data available for your content (view count, watch time, etc.). We also help you to analyze this data and optimize your channel to fit into most of the search engines (SEO, keyword optimization). If you will need further help in creating your channel trailer, we are willing to provide you the necessary equipment and expertise.


We make your YouTube channel popular.

We mainly advertise on our partners’ sites, which are very similar to your content as well, in order to grow your audience. In case you produce and create content for children, we make it possible for you to appear on which is the biggest and most popular site in Hungary for children and families.


We help you to create your channel’s image

We help you to create your channel’s image and to tag your content properly, plus to optimize the pre- and after video spots (for ads).


PPC campaigns

We also do PPC campaigns (on your content or channel).


PR and marketing advisement

In case you need further help to make your content more popular, we suggest you one of our PR and marketing advisement.


Technical support

In addition to managing your content, we also provide you comprehensive technical support.

• Basic channel settings
• Digital rights management (finding illegal uploads of your content)
• Metadata optimization (tags, description, policies)
• Playlists
• Social media appearance
• Answering any questions regarding technical issues


We represent your copyright

By extending the use of the YouTube CMS, we can effectively protect the copyright of your videos and the your content of illegal copies on YouTube.


Monetization and sales

• You will get to know the different ad types available for your YouTube channel (Adsense management)
• Companies’ advertisements will also appear on your channel if you wish so.


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We try to focus on content for children, which is educative and entertaining. In addition we add some more videos about what we like: outstanding classic- world- and folk music, healthy lifestyle and the tasty recipes of the world of gastronomy.