4Kids is one of the biggest YouTube Networks in Hungary and has been approved by Google as a Certified Partner (YouTube Certified Multi Channel Network).

To creators

As one of the biggest YouTube multi channel network in Hungary, we provide professional and comprehensive operating services for our partners.

  • We make your content visible

  • We make your channel popular

  • We help you to create your channel’s image

  • We also do PPC campaigns (on your content or channel)

  • PR and marketing advisement

  • Technical support

  • Education

  • Monetize and sales

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To companies

74% of the internet users in Hungary watch videos on YouTube regularly. YouTube is used by 4 million people per month and every third user has already subscribed to at least one channel. YouTube is the new, effective and creative platform of digital advertisement.

  • Direct targeting

  • Unique advertisements

  • Precise results

  • Audience growth

  • Cost efficiency

  • Advertising on YouTube

  • Creating an own channel

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Our Content

High quality content on YouTube in expert hands




Videos and Music





We try to focus on content for children, which is educative and entertaining. In addition we add some more videos about what we like: outstanding classic- world- and folk music, healthy lifestyle and the tasty recipes of the world of gastronomy.