4Kids is one of the biggest YouTube Networks in Hungary and has been approved by Google as a Certified Partner (YouTube Certified Multi Channel Network).

Our company was established to create and preserve cultural values. On our YouTube channels there are unique content of family-friendly videos and Hungarian world music compilations. In addition to our self-produced shows and videos, popular cartoons, songs for children, games, tales, poems, entertaining and humorous documentary films, folk and world music compilations can also be found on our channels. In addition we add some more videos about what we like: outstanding classic- world- and folk music, healthy lifestyle and the tasty recipes of the world of gastronomy.




Videos and music





Attend content owner costumers

More than 100 partners have joined us so far, whose content is managed and advertised on YouTube.

Branding on YouTube

YouTube is a place for effective branding and not only for creators but for advertisers, marketing experts too. We plan and create personalized YouTube branding strategy. You can count on us in the making of the content and in the effective advertising as well!